Friday, January 15, 2016

PUMEX Technologies Shares Key Findings From Consumerization of IT Study

The recently published IDG Enterprise Study on Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise includes several interesting findings that reflect the trends in corporate IT for 2016. For example, already in 2014 59% of companies that employ more than a thousand people and 50% of companies that employ less than a thousand people created policies for accessing and sharing corporate data on mobile devices and/or through cloud based services. Also, the study’s findings suggest a significant amount of companies are interested and willing to invest in products like enterprise mobile app stores or platforms, as well as mobile device management solutions. Put together, these results support PUMEX Technologies’ vision that the right IT solution can increase and improve the communication, efficiency and productivity of different company departments and functions.
 PUMEX Technologies ( is a full-service mobile and table app, custom software, and IT staffing company that specializes in end-to-end and scalable IT solutions as well as cutting-edge creative solutions. With more than sixteen years of experience finding the right solutions for companies’ business and technology challenges, PUMEX Technologies has business centers in the United States and abroad in order to easily modify to a client’s individual needs. PUMEX Technologies has over 20 years of technology management experience and their staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced, well-rounded technology professionals.
Anyone interested in more information about PUMEX Technologies and their cost-effective solutions for increasing productivity is welcome to either visit the company website or to contact them directly by calling 215-734-1999. PUMEX Technologies customer service is always happy to assist potential and current clientele alike.
 About PUMEX Technologies
PUMEX Technologies was founded in 1999. The company offers innovate and creative custom software solutions to clients all over the globe. They have both offshore and onshore business centers, and extremely talented IT, software developers, programmers and much more on staff to provide unparalleled services to their clients. Lastly, the company can also help their clients acquire IT professionals to place within their company.
 To learn more about PUMEX Technologies, please visit them on the web at or call 215 734 1999

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